The 2019 AGM and public meeting has now been rescheduled, 7.30pm Bianci Room, Otterbourne Village Hall, Cranbourne Drive, Otterbourne SO21 2ET 15th November 2019. Papers will be emailed to members prior to the meeting but are also available on the download page.

Tree maintenance and inspection – we have contracted an expert to review and update the trees management records for our woods with particular focus on trees close to paths and boundaries. As we have seen some evidence of possible ash dieback the report will also cover this aspect. We have already dealt with one large ash tree in the far south east corner of Sparrowgrove. As with other recent tree work the contractors have cuts the tree up into sections donors and volunteers are welcome to remove a modest amount say a wheel barrow. We would ask anyone who wants wood but is not a donor to make an appropriate donation. All of this work requires professional paid tree surgeons and consultants. We are particularly grateful to Andy and his team at Treemenders for their assistance. This is expensive work so any donations either one offs or standing orders are very welcome to enable us to continue to keep the woods open and well maintained.

Under power line clearance – Southern Electric have informed us they wish to undertake their every ten year clearance of trees under the power line. Some wood will be left behind but most of the smaller items will be shredded on site.

The monthly Sunday working party continue to meet on the first Sunday of the month (with the odd exception) at 10.30 am, at the gate in Sparrowgrove Road near Richmond Close ending by 1pm, or earlier if you need to get away. If you want to join please let us know or just turn up! Many thanks to all of you who join these monthly working parties.

A polite plea to our neighbours please do not deposit waste, grass cuttings etc. in our woods, its bad for the habitat can attract rodents, and may encourage fly tipping. We would draw your attention to our boundary policy which is contained in more detail in the woodland management section of this website.


Sparrowgrove and Oakwood Copse Conservation Trust (SOCCT) is a Charitable Trust set up in 2009. It purpose was to purchase these 33 acres of natural woodland across two close sites and then to manage them for continued conservation, recreation and education for local residents. It was, and continues to be, funded by local donations assisted by the two local Parish Councils and the HMRC Gift Aid scheme. It is managed by local trustees assisted by local volunteers.

If you wish to become a member, there is no fee, just a commitment to a £5 winding up fee in the unlikely event that the company was ever wound up. Joining the membership group allows you the opportunity to influence the running of the woods, appointment of trustees etc.

The latest accounts, blank membership, donation and standing order forms, a summary woodland management plan, newsletters, can all be found on the downloads page.